Our Culinary Philosophy

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We are always conscious of the quality of food.
An Eco-friendly Japanese Restaurant with Organic Vegetables...

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Every week, we get freshly milled rice from Chiang Rai. When we cook the rice, we add Konbu from Hokkaido and bamboo charcoal, which absorbs the impure substances left on rice. The rice which is harvested for the second time of the year is not as good as the first crop. When we have to use the second crop, we add more Konbu and add a little bit of honey we get every May.


We use katsuobushi (dried bonito) taken from the Indian Ocean and konbu from Hokkaido for our dashi (soupstock)

From the scratch

For deep fried foods such as Tonkatsu, Ebi-fry, etc., we bake our own bread to make bread crumbs. Sauce for deep fried dishes, salad dressing, natto, tofu, umeboshi (pickled plum), furikake, and so on...we make everything right here.

Organic Vegetables

Some of our vegetables are grown without any use of pesticides, delivered directly from a farmer. We use organic vegetables as much as we can, but when we cannot get them, we soak the vegetables in baking soda water for a while. That reduces the amount of agricultural chemicals left on them.


The pork and the chicken we use comes from animals that were fed an organic, healthy diet and were raised free-ranged. Eggs are organic chicken eggs, too.


All of our deserts are homemade from scratch. The mini-desert comes with our lunch set, and we have some separate desert items which are available during lunch and dinner. Please ask the server about today's deserts.


We have compost on our roof top area to return all the organic garbage back to the beautiful soil. Please feel free to ask us about our compost. You can try it yourself anywhere; even on the corner of your condo’s balcony.

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